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Invite Your Elected Official Toolkit

Organizing a Visit by an Elected Official

Prior to the Event

  1. Determine a date and specific activities you will include in your elected official(s)' invitation and visit. (Note: March is a very busy month at both the state and local levels. Since the State Senate generally meets on Thursdays and the House is in session on Wednesdays, with many committee hearings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mondays and Fridays may be the best days to schedule visits, if you have the choice. Local school board members and other elected officials may have more flexibility. 

  2. Contact one or more elected officials you would like to invite: Mail or email an invitation to request a vist (or, if you prefer, you can phone even for the initial contact). Follow up with a phone call. (See "How to Contact Your Elected Officials.")  If you do not receive a response from your elected official within a week of sending the invitation, make another call to his/her office. Be prepared to explain the importance and purpose of his/her visit to your school. (See “10 Important Things to Know About Arts Education in NH" and "Speaking Up for Arts Education in NH" in the Sample Documents & Fact Sheets section of the toolkit.) 

  3. Confirm the date that your elected official(s) will visit.

  4. Follow up with your elected official(s) several days in advance of their visit

  5. Please be sure to let us know about any visits and events you schedule: we invite you to email us and also to post them on the Arts Learning Network calendar to keep people informed about your activities, inspire others to follow your lead, and to help draw attention to our statewide effort.

  1. If you have time:

  1. Create a flyer about your event. If possible, at least one week prior to your event, send copies of the flyer home with all of your students to give to their parents, put them in teacher and staff mailboxes, post them around your school and in community buildings such as libraries and recreation centers.

  2. Send flyers to parents and the community at least one week before the event.

  3. Send a press release to the media 10 days before your event or call your local media 

  4. Create an event on facebook, twitter and other online networks. Ask others to do the same.

During the Visit

  1. Delegate at least one member of your organizing committee to greet the elected official(s) upon their arrival at your school and act as host and escort throughout the visit.

  2. Have materials ready to give the elected official(s). (See "Promoting Your Event" and "Sample Documents" pages.)

After the Visit

  1. Send a thank you letter. (See “Sample Thank You Letter” under Sample Documents)

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