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Measuring Up

Measuring Up surveyed NH schools to capture the levels of access to and opportunities in arts education in New Hampshire public schools (2008-2009). Five recommendations were provided to strengthen Arts Education in New Hampshire.

  1. Align practices and polices that support the arts as essential components of a complete curriculum
    Action: Ensure that a variety of opportunities in the arts are available to all students throughout their educational experience

  2. Use arts-based strategies to support student learning and school improvement goals.
    Action: Promote arts education and arts integration through professional development activities.

  3. Build on and utilize current data systems
    Action: Routinely collect, share, and report arts education data

  4. Leverage Resources and ideas to expand opportunities in arts education
    Action: Develop a statewide education communication network

  5. Increase technology opportunities in the arts for all New Hampshire students
    Action: Build connections among New Hampshire's education, science, technology, and cultural communities. 

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Download the Executive Summary



The project was a joint effort among the New Hampshire Dept. of Education, the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, and the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire. Quadrant Arts Education Research provided data collection and analysis. Measuring Up was the genesis for the creation of the New Hampshire Arts Learning Network.

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