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Birds of Prey

Sunapee Central Elementary School

Collaborators: Pam Larpenter (grade 3 classroom teacher), Michele Shepherd (grade 3 classroom teacher), Mary Willis (Art instructor) & Heidi Doyle (Librarian & Tech Integrator)

Submitted by: Heidi Doyle

During this collaborative #STEAM project, students were partnered with a student from another class and asked to research a Bird of Prey. Students had to identify the birds' habitat, food, nesting habits, behavior, dangers and descriptors. Students used books and a variety of web resources to locate their information and created a one-page report about their bird. They also drew pictures of their birds in their habitat. At the same time, students were working in weekly Art classes to build their birds out of paper mache, popsicle sticks and yogurt containers. They used the information gathered to add details that would help the viewer identify their bird.

During this time in Library classes, students used the Hummingbird Robotics Kits to bring their creations to life. Students programmed, added and tested lights, head turns and the sounds of their birds. Their work was displayed during the annual Student Showcase and Art Show. Students created their own rubrics to evaluate the work.

Students were assessed using:

English Language Arts CCSS,

Next Generation Science Standards,

ALA AASL Standards

National Core Arts Standards


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