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Lebanon HS Ceramics Students Learn From a Master

"I feel like I learned more from one day with Dave than in some of my other classes all year"



Lebanon High School students recently engaged in a meaningful arts learning opportunity with professional potter David Pellerin. Interested students were transported to his studio (Wellhouse Farm Pottery) on two separate Saturdays throughout the year, to watch him demonstrate his art, to discuss his business and their arts career interests, and to learn new glazing and raku firing techniques. Though this opportunity was open and beneficial to all ceramics students, the project coordinator (Jacqueline Clary) drafted the program with four particularly dedicated students in mind. These students had become leaders in her classroom, teaching other students and devoting huge amounts of free time to their own artwork. This program not only served as a unique arts learning experience for everyone, but for some students, this experience also provided vital information about the artistic careers open to them. Mr. Pellerin was able to provide insight into the business, marketing and distribution techniques necessary to turn their passion into a viable livelihood. 


Students participating in this program were able to:

  • Meet a professional potter and hear about his experiences

  • Come to a broader understanding of professional arts careers open to them

  • Understand the role of business knowledge, and web-based marketing and distributing channels in a professional arts career

  • Learn new techniques (raku firing, etc.) which would not have been available to them at school


Project Coordinator: Jacqueline Clary, Art Teacher

Artist: David Pellerin

Lebanon High Students


This project was funded in-part through a Youth Arts Project Grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, and also through in-kind contributions raised by the sale of student ceramic work.

To view Lebanon High's letter of thanks, written to state elected officials, click here

To see video documentation of this project, click here

"This was not your average field trip, it was incredibly valuable"  ~Zak "Dave is great, I loved hearing his story about how he spent three years developing his line of sinks" ~Nick


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