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Roses From Concrete

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

From September through October 2012, SNHU's McIninch Art Gallery presented the exhibit "Roses from Concrete: Entrepreneurship of Urban Street Culture". The exhibit sought to showcase the essence of urban street culture, each piece representative of a "rose" blooming through the unlikely "concrete" environment of an urban community. Additionally, the gallery invited students from The Manchester School of Technology to experience the exhibit and participate in a supporting panel discussion. Students listened to and interacted with the exhibit's artists, and were also introduced to business leaders involved in various aspects of the street culture industry. Students left with a broader understanding of urban street culture, and of potential career options in the industry.    


This project strove to introduce students to:

  • Urban Street Culture

  • Entrepreneurial opportunities in the street culture industry

  • The experience and stories of creative, successful individuals


Project Coordinator: Deborah Disston, Gallery Director

Exhibit Curator: Ryan Terrell, SNHU Class of 2014, College Unbound

Artists: MyKim Dang, Charles Crowell, Percy Fortini-Wright, Jamie O'Neill, Jackson McCloy, Greg Fortenberry, Ceaux Young, Vanessa Ly, Kulturez, The Khans Clothing Co., Raw Apparel and NV Euro

78 Junior and Senior students, 14 teachers


This project was made possible by funding from a  Youth Arts Project Grant through the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, as well as through staff and teacher support and private in-kind contributions.


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