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Superheroes and NH Wildlife: Creating Comics in the Classroom

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

"Marek Bennett inspired me and my friend, Brody, to make more comics. Our comic books were on imaginary creatures... The title of our series is 'The Creepy Creeper'"


Students at South Londonderry School recently completed an original integrated learning project with teaching artist Marek Bennett. Fourth-grade students researched an animal of their choice, then used their findings to create their own educational comic book. Marek Bennett spent seven days (over the course of five weeks) in the classroom guiding students through the process, from the introductory "splash page" to the final "inking." At the end of the project, each student went home with several copies of their very own comic, showcasing their creative ability and new-found knowledge of New Hampshire wildlife. 


Students were able to:

  • Develop effective research and outlining skills

  • Work with ideas of character development, setting, plot, voicing and authorial intention

  • Consider scale, texture, and overall detail for clarity of narrative

  • Develop point of view

  • Use planning, organizing, and time-management skills to complete project on time

  • Share their completed comics with one another and practice evaluating their own work

  • Present comics to their families at the Annual Student Art Show


Artist in Residence: Marek Bennett

Project Coordinator: Marcia B. Connors, Art Educator

125 4th grade students, 10 teacher participants


This project was made possible through an Artist Residency in Schools Grant (AIR) through the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts (NHSCA), and also through significant in-kind contributions and fundraisers, including a PTO-hosted Art-to-Remember fundraiser and a Ceramic Tile Raffle


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